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It helps you create virtual sticky notes and "stick" them onto your desktop
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Simple Sticky Notes is a practical tool that enables you to create virtual sticky notes and "stick" them onto your Windows desktop. If you are one of those persons who need to write down everything to avoid forgetting things, Simple Sticky Notes will surely come in handy to you. You can leave notes for yourself or for other users of your PC, and you can also customize those notes entirely, including their background color, font, size and even their opacity level.

The program doesn't offer you a "conventional" main window like most software tools do; instead, right after you install the program, it creates your first note and puts it onto your Windows desktop. You can start editing its title and contents directly, but to access the customization options you need to right-click over the note to display its pop-up menu. In fact, the program offers you several kinds of pop-up menus with different options each. If you right-click over a note's title, the program allows you to change the note's background color and opacity level, print it, share it through the social networks or by e-mail, lock, hide or delete it, or create a new note.

If, on the other hand, you right-click over a note's body, you can cut, copy or paste text, insert the current date and time, insert bulleted lists, quickly change the font and style of the selected text or clear all its formatting, among other options. A third kind of pop-up menu can be displayed from the icon the program installs in the tray area of your desktop. This menu allows you to create new notes, show or hide them and access the "Settings" window, among others. Simple Sticky Notes allows you to group your notes into notebooks too, for a better organization.

In my opinion, one of the most helpful features offered by this program is the possibility of creating alarms for your notes, as they allow you to reinforce your reminders. You can enable or disable an alarm, set it exact date and time, set its repetition frequency (once, weekly, monthly or yearly) and even select a sound to be played back when your alarm goes off. The playable sounds can be downloaded from the program's website and installed as extensions for it, however, in the "Settings" window you can also configure your MP3 files to be used as sounds for your alarms.

To sum up, if you frequently use the traditional sticky notes to leave messages and remember things, I would strongly encourage you to use Simple Sticky Notes, as surely you'll be surprised with its functionality. The program is totally free to use, so you have nothing to lose at all, but certainly you have a lot to win!

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • You can fully customize your notes' look and feel
  • Allows you to create alarms for your most important notes
  • You can group your notes into notebooks


  • The alarm feature doesn't support daily repetition frequency
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