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Fast and efficient note taking software that can be thoroughly customized
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Simple Sticky Notes can increase your productivity by creating reminders for different kinds of tasks. The tool lets you create notes that you can “stick” to your desktop. The program runs from the System Tray, and probably the easiest way to start a new note is by clicking its icon there. Moreover, you can even use clipboard contents to automatically fill in a note. Fortunately, most commons operations can be done using hotkey combinations.

Similarly, a right click on the program’s tray icon opens the menu, which gives you access to the Explorer. Although inexperienced users can benefit from the program’s basic features without ever using the Explorer, it certainly has various advantages. One important concept that you can manage from there is that of notebook, which is a collection of related notes. Likewise, it lets you manage the database where the notes and related data are stored. This way, you can easily export and import it on another machine, which allows you to synchronize your notes. It is pity, though, that, unlike other tools, Simple Sticky Notes cannot store data on the cloud, which would make them available from practically any device.

Notes can have a given title and mainly store formatted text. Moreover, there are various ways to customize their appearance by changing colors and even opacity levels. It is highly convenient that you can create alarms for each note, which is not always supported by other tools. Specific notes can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

All in all, using Simple Sticky Notes is as “simple” as it can be, which is probably its main advantage. The product is luckily free to use, except for some custom items which are purchased separately. Its main limitation is probably that your notes are not actually synchronized in real time.

Pedro Castro
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  • Customizable notes
  • Alarms embedded on your notes
  • Notes organized in notebooks


  • Cannot synchronize notes between various devices in real time
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