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Simple Sticky Notes 3.6.1

Creates virtual sticky notes right on your desktop
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The name of the Simple Sticky Notes program makes its main purpose and functionality quite obvious: it's a tool meant to help you easily create and manage virtual post-it notes on your desktop.
Simple Sticky Notes is indeed simple and easy to use, but it also packs cool and handy additional features. For example, it lets you fully customize the notes by changing their colors, sizes, and opacity levels, as well as the fonts and other parameters of the texts they contain. You can't add images or other attachments to a note, but you can set alarms for each of the created notes, individually, which is a feature that really comes in handy for assigning reminders.

The created sticky notes can also be shared to social networks or quickly exported to text files. Thу program allows creating and sticking as many notes on your desktop as you need, and in any position, as they can be easily dragged around. Using a simple hotkey combination, all notes can be hidden from the desktop. The supported hotkeys are fully customizable as well.

Simple Sticky Notes is free, and most of the time it will reside unobtrusive in the system tray area. Briefly put, it's a great tool to have, as it helps you stay organized and quickly take notes whenever you need to, right on your desktop.

Margie Smeer
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  • Create as many notes as you need
  • Customize the notes in many regards
  • Share your notes to social networks directly
  • Use customizable hotkeys
  • Quickly hide and restore all notes from the desktop
  • Set alarms to notes
  • Unobtrusive and lightweight


  • You can't add images or other attachments to a note
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