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Simple Sticky Notes is the "digital edition" of the very popular sticky notes
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Simple Sticky Notes is the "digital edition" of the very popular sticky notes, those small and colored pieces of paper you usually use to write down brief notes and reminders to yourself or to others. The program allows you to create any number of notes and place them anywhere on your desktop. Then you can change their texts, change their colors and fonts, or remove them very easily.

Instead of a "conventional" user interface or main window, the program installs an icon on your desktop notification area from where you can easily create new notes and use all the program's functions. When you create a new note, by default it is placed on the upper-right corner of your desktop, and you can start directly writing on the note's body. You can then right-click on it to change its font, size and color, set styles like bold and italic for your text, add bulleted or numbered lists, automatically insert the current date/time, and make other actions.

If, on the other hand, you right-click on a note's title, you will access another context menu that allows you to perform other actions like changing the note's title, setting its background color and opacity level, locking it, hiding it or setting it to stay always on top. You can also print your note, share it on Facebook or Twitter, or send it as a simple e-mail attachment.

Additionally, Simple Sticky Notes allows you to create alarms for your notes too, letting them act as reminders. When you create an alarm, you can set its time, starting date, repetition frequency and sound. Notice that the sounds need to be manually downloaded from the program's website, and installed separately as extensions for the program. You cannot use audio files as sounds for your alarms. And finally, the program also lets you organize your notes into notebooks, so that you can group all the notes belonging to the same subject.

All in all, Simple Sticky Notes is a very handy and original app that surely will help more than one to remember important things and keep important pieces of information right at hand. The program can be used totally free of charge and it is compatible with all Windows versions including Windows 10.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to fully customize your notes
  • You can set an opacity level for your notes
  • You can easily share your notes on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail
  • Allows you to set alarms for your notes
  • You can organize your notes into notebooks


  • The sounds for the alarms need to be downloaded and installed separately
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