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Create notes and remainders easily with this free program
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As its name implies, this program displays a software version of the popular sticky notes we use in the office and at home to write reminders and quick notes. The program can be customized according to your needs and taste. For example, you can change the default yellow color and choose any of the default options. Also, you can choose to have the note always on top and the opacity degree of it, which can range from 10 to 100%.

An interesting feature is the possibility of setting alarms to your notes, so the written text wouldn't be the only reminder you have, but also, the sticky note will flash on your screen when the alarm is active. You can add a sound as well. The sounds you can use can be downloaded using the alarm settings menu of the program.

Although the program itself is freeware, to download the installation file, you need first to download the downloader, which asks you to make changes to your system, such as to install browser extensions, change your default search engine, and more. Although you can choose Advanced installation to decline to do so, I find this fact very annoying. Nevertheless, if you don't mind these limitations, then you may like the program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
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  • You need to install a downloader to download the actual installation file
  • The installation wizard asks you to make changes to your system
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