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Helps you create virtual sticky notes and place them anywhere on your desktop
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If you are one of those persons who always need to write down things to remember them, you will find Simple Sticky Notes a very interesting utility. This handy app allows you to create virtual sticky notes and place them anywhere on your desktop. You can configure all the details of your notes, such as their color and fonts, minimize your notes or hide them to recover desktop space.

The program does not offer you a conventional "main window" – it simply installs as an icon on your system tray. Besides, as soon as you install the program, it creates a first blank note on your desktop where you can start typing in right away. Every note is divided into two parts – the title and the body. If you right-click on the body of a note, you will see a pop-up menu where you can customize the note's font and its color, line spacing, and justification mode, as well as insert bullets and the current date and time, among other commands. If, on the other hand, you right-click on the note's title, you will see a different pop-up menu, which will allow you to create a new note, change the note's title, background color and opacity level, share the note using Facebook, Twitter or an e-mail account, and lock, minimize, hide or delete the note.

A very interesting feature offered by Simple Sticky Notes is that it also allows you to attach alarms to your notes. You can set the exact time of the alarm, its starting date, its repetition mode (once, weekly, monthly or yearly) and, optionally, its sound. However, if you want a sound to be played alongside your alarm, you need to download sound files from the program's website first, as it does not come with any. This is a noticeable downside for Simple Sticky Notes, from my point of view.

Finally, if your right-click on the program's tray icon, you will see a third kind of popup menu that offers you actions such as hiding/showing all your notes, opening the notes explorer or opening the settings window. The program is also capable of checking for available updates automatically.

In a nutshell, I would say that Simple Sticky Notes is the perfect replacement for traditional (physical) sticky notes. Besides its ease of use, the program offers you all the options you may need to configure the look and feel and the behavior of your notes up to your taste.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to configure your notes' look and feel individually
  • Allows you to attach alarms to your notes
  • You can place your notes anywhere on your desktop
  • You can set your notes' opacity level


  • Does not include sounds for the notes' alarms
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