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Simple Sticky Notes lets you create notes and reminders for your desktop
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Simple Sticky Notes is a free application to create notes and reminders for your desktop. With this program, you can create fancy, colorful notes to remind you of pending activities, important dates and events, appointments, or anything you don't want to forget about.

Sticky notes created with this app can be easily resized and moved around the screen, and placed anywhere on your desktop. From the system tray icon or using key combinations, you can quickly create new notes as well as hide or make all your notes visible.

The application is quite flexible when it comes to customizing the notes appearance; each individual note can be assigned a different color and transparency level. The same can be said about the notes content; you can use different text styles, fonts, and colors, and also insert time-date stamps, bulleted lists, and links to any website. Via the menu at the top of the note, you can print notes or even share them to Twitter or Facebook. Likewise, it is possible to set alarms with custom sounds for any note you choose.

In order to keep your notes organized, the notes explorer gives you full control of every note that you create or delete, and lets you arrange them into separate notebooks. From there, you can also search among your notes for a specific word or phrase. Other options include the possibility of creating backups, restoring, or importing the notes database.

In short, Simple Sticky Notes is a useful desktop app that can help you organize and never forget your important events and tasks. It is packed with lots of features and best of all, it is completely free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Feature-rich
  • Lets you set alarms
  • Many customization options
  • Free


  • Doesn't let you insert images
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